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Tru-Tension Mega Tool Bundle Chain Monkey & Laser Monkey

Tru-Tension Mega Tool Bundle Chain Monkey & Laser Monkey

The ultimate bundle combination for precision chain tension and wheel alignment - includes 1 x Chain Monkey and 1 x Laser Monkey tools. Place your Chain Monkey onto the chain and adjust the tension setting required for your motorcycle. Clamp your Laser Monkey onto the rear sprocket and point the laser down the chain, then simply adjust your rear wheel until the laser is central on the chain. And you’re done! Chain Monkey is the world's first tool designed to help you set the tension on your motorcycle's drive chain. By using Chain Monkey anyone can set their chain tension quickly, easily and with minimal knowledge required. From new riders to experienced mechanics, Chain Monkey will simplify the task, optimise performance and save you money through its revolutionary patented design. Laser Monkey alignment tool enhances the way in which wheel alignment and chain/ belt adjustment is conducted. Perfect for the every day rider, new riders and professional mechanics alike. A must have for any toolbox. Laser Monkey provides precise wheel alignment for both chain and belt driven motorcycles, of any make and model, regardless of sprocket or pulley material. Suitable for on road and off-road motorcycles and belt drives up to 1.5 inches in width. Align Your Rear Wheel Quickly, Effectively and Precisely.
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